LAMAS 53rd Local History Conference

Saturday 17 November 2018 10.30am – 6.00pm

Weston Theatre, Museum of London

'An Emporium for many Nations': London shaped by trade

11.10 Session 1: Shaped by Trade

Shaped by trade: the changing topography of the medieval port – Dr Gustav Milne, Project Leader, CITiZAN  

Beating heart of London’s commercial life: unlocking the riches of business archives at London Metropolitan Archives, City of London – Richard Wiltshire, Senior Archivist, LMA

12.20 Keynote Lecture: Eric Williams and William Forbes: copper, colonies, and capital accumulation in London during the Age of Revolutions – Prof Nuala Zahedieh, University of Edinburgh

2.30 Session 2: Trading Relationships

The craftsman, the merchant and the labourer: comparing the formation and early history of the Girdlers’, Woolmen and Carters’ – Dr Claire Martin, Independent Researcher

Porters, sugar boilers, stone cutters and surgeons: trades in London on the eve of the Great Fire – Dr John Price, Goldsmiths, University of London

4.15 Session 3: Islands and Pearls

It is all happening at the western end of the tidal Thames! – Dr Fiona Haughey, Archaeologist and Archaeological Illustrator

The shell trade of London in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – Prof William G Clarence-Smith, SOAS, University of London