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In 2005, in honour of our 150th birthday, LAMAS initiated a Research Fund, to provide a modest annual sum in support of research into the archaeology and history of London and Middlesex, especially in areas where other funding cannot be obtained.

Research Fund 2020-2021 Application Extension

We think that you will all agree that this year has been unusual to say the least and disruptive to work and study patterns for many of us. In these circumstances, LAMAS are extending the deadline for applications to this year’s Research Fund to 31st May 2021. This would mean that the final project would need to be submitted by April 2022.

How large will the grants be?

The grant level will be set by Council annually to reflect the Society’s financial situation, but it tends to be between £3000 and £5000 per annum. The amount is published each year in advance of invitations for applicants.

Who can apply?

The fund is open to all full individual members of the Society and members of any Affiliated Societies but not to corporate members of the Society, unless they are also individual members. The fund is set up specifically to assist active members with their researches into the past of London and Middlesex.

Rules and further information

How to apply

List of Past Recipients