Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

Volume 67


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Title pages and contents(1 MB) 

Archaeological investigations at 70 Station Road, West Drayton (2 MB)
Peter Boyer

A possible early Roman settlement boundary and the medieval city ditch: excavations at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London EC3 (16 MB)
Robin Wroe-Brown with Timothy Spenbrooke 

The medieval city ditch at Bishopsgate, Heron Tower, London EC3 (5 MB)
David Sorapure

An archaeological investigation in the east wing of Somerset House, City of Westminster (11.5 MB)
Neil Hawkins

Part of a 13th-century barge from Leamouth and other vessels from the lower Lea Valley in the London Borough of Newham (2.4 MB)
Damian Goodburn

Fields of food for London? Supplies from the Hoo Peninsula, Kent, in the Middle Ages (1.7 MB)
Gillian Draper

Carters in the City: the operation and regulation of commercial carriage in the City of London, 1250—1550 (0.6 MB)
Claire Martin 

Anne Mowbray, Duchess of York: a 15th-century child burial from the Abbey of St Clare, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (1.6 MB)
Bruce Watson and William White

Excavations at Finsbury Avenue Square, London EC2: from suburban medieval garden to Victorian railway station goods yard (7 MB)
Isca Howell

'The louse, the itch, or the pox': diseases of the prisoners in 18th-century Middlesex (150 KB)
Audrey Eccels

A review of the 54rd LAMAS Conference of London Archaeologists held at the Museum of London on 18 March 2017 (1.4 MB)

Papers read at the 51th LAMAS Local History Conference held at the Museum of London, 19 November 2016: ‘Walking Through London’s History’ (1.2 MB)

Reviews (208 KB)