Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

Volume 55

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List of presidents and officers
page v

149th Annual Report of LAMAS Council for the year ending 30th September 2004
page vi

Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 30th September 2004 and Balance Sheet as at 30 September 2004
page viii

The Publication Committee
page 1

So, what have you done for us lately? John Clark
page 3

Archaeology in London: annual round-up and news for 1855/6. Barney Sloane
page 9

Some early LAMAS meetings and outings. Eileen M Bowlt
page 17

'The Lesse Set By': an early reference to the site of Middle Saxon London. Robert L Whytehead
page 27

The Tower of London and the Jewish expulsion of 1290. Jeremy Ashbee
page 35

'For the poor to drink and the rich to dress their meat': the first London water conduit. David Lewis
page 39

Spatial determinants of animal carcass processing in post-medieval London and evidence for a co-operative supply network. Lisa Yeomans
page 69

Police graffiti, New River Head, Finsbury. Peter Guillery
page 85

'Our lost Elysium' - rural Middlesex: a pictorial essay. Michael Hammerson
page 89

Further prehistoric finds from Greater London. Jonathan Cotton and Adrian Green
page 119

New work on Cripplegate fort: excavations at 25 Gresham Street, 2000-2001. Jo Lyon
page 153

Crossed wires: the re-dating of a group of funerary lead crosses from Newgate, London. B Sloane and B Watson
page 183

Fast food in the medieval city: excavations at 29-30 Queen Street and 1-7 Great St Thomas Apostle, London EC4. Alison Telfer
page 211

A summary of papers read at the LAMAS local history conference held at the Museum of London on 20 November 2004: 'St Paul's and the Diocese of London: fourteen hundred years'.
page 229

J Cotton, G Crocker & A Graham (ed) Aspects of Archaeology & History in Surrey: Towards a Research Framework for the County (reviewed by Clive Orton)
page 247
J Cotton & D Field (ed) Towards a New Stone Age: Aspects of the Neolithic in South-East England (reviewed by Nick Merriman)
page 248
D Swift Roman Burials, Medieval Tenements and Suburban Growth (reviewed by Rob Whytehead)
page 249
K Heard & D Goodburn Investigating the Maritime History of Rotherhithe: Excavations at Pacific Wharf, 165 Rotherhithe Street, Southwark (reviewed by Rob Whytehead)
page 249
R Taylor-Wilson Excavations at Hunt's House, Guy's Hospital, London Borough of Southwark (reviewed by Rob Whytehead)
page 249
D Keene, A Burns & A Saint (ed) St Paul's: the Cathedral Church of London 604-2004 (reviewed by Richard Halsey)
page 251
C M Barron London in the Later Middle Ages: Government and People 1200-1500 (reviewed by Gervase Rosser)
page 253
M Davies & A Saunders The History of the Merchant Taylors' Company (reviewed by Hazel Forsyth)
page 255
P Guillery The Small House in Eighteenth-century London (reviewed by David Andrews)
page 256
P A Clarke A History of Pinner (reviewed by Eileen Bowlt)
page 257
V Bott Flood! The Brentford Flood of 1841 (reviewed by Eileen Bowlt)
page 258
P Hodge The Cresswells of Winchmore Hill (reviewed by Eileen Bowlt).
page 258
D Hayes Victorian Seven Dials (reviewed by Eileen Bowlt)
page 258
P Barnfield When the Bombs Fell {revicwed hy Eileen Bowlt)
page 258

Index to volume 55
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