Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

Volume 31

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The occurrence of Bronze Age metalwork in the Thames: an investigation
Margaret Ehrenberg

A basal looped spearhead from the Thames at Eel Pie Island
David Field

Excavations at Cromwell Green in the Palace of Westminster
Peter S Mills

Excavations at Goodman’s Yard, 1978
Robert Whytehead

Excavations at Tower Hill 1978
David Whipp

The discovery of Bastion 4A in the City of London and its implications
John Maloney

A Roman well on Welbeck Street, W1
Peter S Mills

A Roman bell from the Thames
Angela Wardle

Two samian bowls with mould-makers’ name-stamps in the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
Alison Harle Easson

London and Southwark in the seventh century and later: a neglected reference
Tony Dyson

The bronze horseman: a postscript
John Clark

The brasses of Middlesex: Part 20, Isleworth
H K Cameron

Excavations in Enfield 1977 – 1979
James Dinn & Susan Reynolds

A group of seals found at Bankside from St Gallien linens or fustians
G Egan

The Edwardian inventories of Middlesex
Lawrence S Snell

A businessman in Elizabethan Southwark: Olyff Burr
J E G Bennell

John Stow
Philippa Glanville

Some menagerie accounts of James I
Rosemary Weinstein

Saint Pancras, Middlesex: a seventeenth-century survey
Richard Conquest

The Tower of London: the reconstruction of the Inmost Ward during the reign of Charles II
Geoffrey Parnell

A with-bottle from Dukes Place, Aldgate
Catharine Maloney

Supposed moated enclosure, Oaks Road, Stanwell
Martin O’Connell

S S Teulon and his re-casting of two west London churches
Treve Rosoman