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A Jesuit school in the City in 1688

T G Holt

During the reign of the Catholic king James II the English Jesuits opened two schools in London. One – the larger and better known – was established at the Savoy in May 1687, the other in the City in March 1688, attached to a Catholic chapel which had been opened in Lime Street two years earlier. The school prospectus survives, detailing the rules of behaviour, the syllabus and the hours of attendance. The school was disbanded in December 1688, following the accession of William of Orange.

See also: T G Holt, ‘A school in the Savoy 1687-1688’, Transactions 41 (1990), 21-7

[Transactions 32 (1981), pp 153 – 8; abstract by Francis Grew, 02-Jan-1998]

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