Copyright and Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society

Authors should ensure that they have all the necessary permissions to publish material submitted to Transactions in printed or electronic form. LAMAS is unable to obtain copyright on your behalf.

Your article will be published in the Transactions with sections in PDF format made available on the Society's website (as applicable). In addition, the whole of your Transactions article will be uploaded to the Society's website within five years of publication in accordance with the Society's green open access policy. This Author Licence signifies agreement to the Society making such arrangements.

As an author in Transactions you retain the copyright to your text. However, the journal will retain the rights to mark-up, design and implementation of each article — to reflect the work that we put in between submission and publication.

We ask authors to sign an Author Licence, which is non-exclusive, and clearly sets out who owns the rights to the article.

It is your responsibility to provide written permission from the copyright holders of any text, line art or photographs or any other work that you want to use in your article (permission in email form is permissable). Permission in writing (email form is permissible) is also required to use illustrative material from record offices, libraries and museum collections, whether or not in copyright. You must promise LAMAS that you have the required permissions.It is therefore also your responsibility to deal with any requests for reproduction fees.

The London and Middlesex Archaeological Society holds an agreement with the publisher H W Wilson, under which H W Wilson has the right to include elements of the Transactions in compilations on CD-Rom and hard copy, which are sold on a subscription basis. The Society receives a small royalty in consideration of this arrangement, which is re-applied to support the work of the Society. We ask you to ensure that, in securing rights and permissions to include any 3rd-party content in your contribution, you also make the party aware of the possibility of inclusion under this arrangement. You retain the right to exclude your contribution from this arrangement. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact the Archaeological or Local History Editor as appropriate.

Please click here for a printer friendly copy of the Author Licence to be completed, signed and sent to the Production Editor.