The title of the Society shall be the ‘London and Middlesex Archaeological Society’


The objects of the Society shall be:

a) To promote, in co-operation with other societies and institutions, the study of the archaeology, local history and historic buildings of the Greater London region;
b) To publish the results of such studies in Transactions, Special Papers or otherwise;
c) To stimulate the study of archaeology and local history through lectures, visits, the maintenance of a library, and other means, and to assist local societies and other bodies formed for that purpose;
d) To undertake and encourage archaeological excavations and historical and archaeological research;
e) To promote the preservation and recording of historic buildings, ancient monuments, documents and other remains.


a) The membership of the Society shall consist of:

i. Ordinary members. Such membership being open to individuals over sixteen only.
ii. Corporate members. Such membership being open to institutions such as livery companies, universities, schools, libraries, etc.
iii. Life members. Such membership being open to individuals over sixteen only.
iv. Honorary members. Such membership being conferred by General Meeting upon individuals only, who have rendered outstanding service to the Society or to the study of archaeology or local history.
v. Student members. Such membership being open to those attending full time a school, college or university.
vi. Affiliated members. Such membership ibeing open to any society in the Greater London region sharing some or all of the aims of the Society, or to any school in the Greater London region. In the latter case a reduced level of subscription will be paid.
vii. Youth section (Young LAMAS) members. Such membership available to those between the ages of nine and sixteen.

b) Applicants shall enjoy the rights of privilege of membership upon receipt of a satisfactorily completed application form and payment of the appropriate subscription however shall not become members of the society until confirmation of their membership at the next Council meeting.

c) A member may resign upon giving written notice of this to the Honorary Secretary and paying all subscriptions due from him.


a) All members, save those whose subscriptions are in arrears, shall be entitled to the following privileges:
b) All members shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the Society and to use the Library (subject to such regulations as Council may from time to time make).
c) All members of the Society shall be entitled to receive the Society’s Newsletter, though in the case of Youth Section members it shall be issued at the discretion of the members of Council currently running the Youth Section. In addition all Youth Section members shall be entitled to the Young LAMAS newsletter.
d) All members of the Society with the exception of members of the Youth Section shall be entitled to attend and to cast one vote at General Meetings of the Society. Ordinary, Life, Student and Honorary members must attend in person to vote whereas other members are entitled to nominate a representative to attend and vote on their behalf.
e) All members, except Student, Youth Section and affiliated members that are schools shall be entitled to receive Transactions and such other publications as may be issued free of charge to members.
f) Affiliated members shall be entitled to describe themselves as ‘Affiliated to the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society’ and to receive all such support and assistance in the conduct of their affairs as the Society can give.
g) No member of the Society shall by virtue of his membership have any share in or claim upon the property or funds of the Society.


a) There shall be a Youth Section to encourage an interest in archaeology, local history and historic buildings amongst younger people.
b) The Youth Section shall be run by a member of Council and shall form and integral part of the Society. Its activities, though restricted to Youth Section members, shall be subject of the direction of Council.

(Please note that the Youth Section is defunct and an announcement to that effect was made at the Annual General Meeting 13.2.1997 Matters Arising. Instead LAMAS supports the work of the Central London Young Archaeologists Club (YAC)).


a) The President shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting, on the nomination of Council, to hold office for not more than three years.
b) An Honorary Treasurer, an Honorary Secretary and a Chairman shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting.


At the Annual General Meeting, two Honorary Auditors shall be elected, who need not be members of the Society.


a) The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Council consisting of Officers and not less than twelve nor more than fourteen members to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Of the elected members of Council, normally no more than five may be assigned a portfolio by Council, with a specific title and/or duties.
b) Five members of Council, of whom at least three shall be elected members without portfolio, shall form a quorum.
c) All the elected members of Council shall retire at each Annual General Meeting and the two senior elected members without portfolio shall not be eligible for re-election for one year. A retiring member shall not be eligible for immediate re-election unless he has attended at least two of the meetings held by Council during the previous twelve months.
d) The chairman, or another nominee, of each Standing Committee, shall be automatically co-opted onto Council, so that he may attend the first meeting following the Annual General Meeting in this capacity.
e) In the absence of the Chairman at any meeting of Council, the chair shall be taken by the President or such member as the meeting may elect.


The Council of the Society shall be granted the following powers and assigned the following duties:

a) Duty to meet at least four times a year and power to make its own rules of procedure as well as general rules for the management and governance of the Society.
b) Power and duty to control and manage the assets of the Society including power to purchase books, or other articles, or to exchange or dispose of the same.
c) Power and duty to control and manage the property and investments of the Society which shall be vested in the Officers.
d) Power to publish such books, papers and other documents as it may deem fit.
e) Power and duty to fill any casual vacancies which may occur in the Officers, members of Council or Honorary Auditors.
f) Power to co-opt a maximum of two members in addition to the representatives of the Standing Committees.
g) Power to create ad hoc and Standing Committees, working parties, etc. Duty to insure that in so doing the Society’s activities, aims and areas of interest are adequately covered and reflected.
h) Power to appoint any member to, or remove from, the membership of any Committee or working party, or to take back into its hands all or any of the powers exercised by a Standing Committee.
i) Power to call a Special General Meeting and duty to do so on the receipt of a request signed by at least ten members specifying the business to be transacted.
j) Power and duty to terminate the membership of any member whose subscription is twelve months or more in arrears.
k) Power for a good and proper reason to withdraw membership from any person provided that they shall have the right of appeal to a subsequent meeting.
l) Power to make official representations on behalf of the Society.
m) Power to consider and approve applications for membership and duty to reject any person considered unsuitable.


a) Council shall at its first meeting following the Annual General Meeting review the membership and terms of reference of those Standing Committees which it has previously created.
b) Each Standing Committee shall exercise the powers of Council in the areas of responsibility allocated to it by Council (but shall therein be subject to the direction of Council to which it shall regularly report).
c) The President, Chairman, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary shall ex-officio be members of all Standing Committees. All other Committees and groups shall include one Officer who will normally chair its meetings.
d) Each Standing Committee may co-opt additional members, who shall normally be members of the Society or members of bodies affiliated to the Society. Such co-options to be subject to the approval of Council and annual review.


a) The supreme body of the Society shall be the General Meeting which shall have power to over-rule the decisions of any of its Committees, including Council.
b) An Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of January or February each year, at such time and place as Council shall appoint, to receive and consider the report of Council on the proceedings and financial position of the Society, to elect the Officers and members of Council, and Honorary Auditors for the ensuing year, and for other business.
c) Council, or any two members of the Society, may propose and second a member who wishes to stand for election as an Officer or member of Council. Such nominations should normally be with the Honorary Secretary fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting though if sufficient nominations are not received, the Chairman may at the meeting propose the names of further candidates who have been properly proposed and seconded.
d) Notice of the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings shall be sent to the members entitled to attend and vote at least twenty-one days previously.
e) Notice of any General Meeting or Council meeting shall be deemed served when posted to the posted to the address held by the Honorary Secretary for each person eligible to attend and vote. Non-delivery of any notice shall therefore not invalidate the proceedings of that meeting.
f) At any General Meeting of the Society ten members shall form a quorum.
g) No subject may be discussed at a Special General Meeting other than that contained in the written request or Council resolution which caused in the meeting to be held.
h) Lecture Meetings shall be held at times and places appointed by for Council, for lectures, the reading of papers, and for other purposes relevant to the objects of the Society. Meetings shall be arranged to visit places of archaeological and historical interest.
i) At all General and Lecture meetings of the Society, the President, or in his absence the Chairman, shall preside. In their absence the chair shall be taken by such member of Council as the meeting may elect.
j) At every meeting of the Society, or of Council, the resolutions of the majority of members present and voting shall be binding. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.


a) Annual membership subscriptions shall become due on 1st October in each year at the rates from time to time agreed by the membership in General Meeting, except for the subscription to the Youth Section which shall be determined by Council.
b) Life membership compositions shall be accepted subject to the approval of Council and at rates determined by Council.
c) Any person or institution joining the Society after 1st October in any year shall pay the full subscription for that year, but members joining after 30th June shall pay the subscription appropriate to the following year, that subscription being deemed to cover also the remaining portion of the year of election.


Audited accounts for each year ending on 30th September shall be submitted to the members at the Annual General Meeting.


The Society may borrow or raise money for the purposes of the Society on such terms as may be thought fit, and may deposit security against such borrowings under authority of a resolution passed at a General Meeting of the Society.


a) The Society may be dissolved by a resolution passed by not fewer than two-thirds of those present and voting at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, notice of the meeting having been sent to all members not less than two months previously.
b) In the event of dissolution, the Society shall after discharging all its liabilities, transfer its assets to another body chosen by the General Meeting, most probably a registered charity having similar objects, or failing that to some other registered charity.


No alteration may be made to the Rules of the Society except by resolution at a Special General Meeting, passed by not fewer than two-thirds of those present and voting. No alteration shall be permitted which would have the effect of causing the Society to cease to be a charity in law.

All previous versions of the Rules are hereby revoked.