Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

Volume 61


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A submerged forest with evidence of Early Neolithic burning activity and the Tilbury alluvial sequence at Canning Town, East London (1.1 MB)
Catherine Barnett, Michael J Allen, Gary Evans, Jessica M Grimm, Rob Scaife, Chris J Stevens and Sarah F Wyles

Iron Age Romford: life alongside the river during the mid-first millennium BC (2.8 MB)
Barry Bishop

Along the eastern defences: excavations at 8—14 Cooper’s Row and 1 America Square in the City of London (7.5 MB)
Guy Hunt

Cathedral or granary? The Roman coins from Colchester House, City of London (PEP89) (840 KB)
James Gerrard

Saxo-Norman, medieval and post-medieval development at Regis House, London EC4 (6.6 MB)
Trevor Brigham, Tony Dyson and Bruce Watson

A 17th-century city merchant’s house at 7a Laurence Pountney Hill and its medieval predecessor (4.9 MB)
Nick Holder and Christopher Phillpotts

A survey of earthworks at Heriot’s Wood, Stanmore, Middlesex (1 MB)
Hugh Borrill

The Millbank Penitentiary: excavations at the Tate Gallery (now Tate Britain), City of Westminster (3.5 MB)
Catherine Edwards

The will and chantries of John de Causton, a London mercer, died 1353 (4.2 MB)
Ann Causton

Priests in the Vintners’ Company in the 15th century (112 KB)
Graham Javes

The London Metalworkers’ Guild of St Mary and St Loy, founded 1424 (116 KB)
Barbara Megson

The Royal Victoria Patriotic Asylum, Wandsworth Common (4.8 MB) 
Simon McNeill-Ritchie

47th Annual Conference of London Archaeologists, 2010: summaries of papers (2.7 MB)

Papers read at the 45th LAMAS Local History Conference held at the Museum of London in November 2010: ‘London under Attack: Wars and Insurrections’ (344 KB)

Reviews (231 KB)

Index (107 KB)