Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

Volume 60


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Human-Environment Interactions at the Wetland Edge in East London: Trackways, Platforms and Bronze Age Responses to Environmental Change (3.3 MB)
Tim Carew, Frank Meddens, Rob Batchelor, Nick Branch, Scott Elias, Damian Goodburn, Alys Vaughan-Williams, Lucy Webster and Lisa Yeomans

Age, Taphonomic History and Mode of Deposition of Human Skulls in the River Thames (1.6 MB)
Yvonne H Edwards, Alison Weisskopf and Derek Hamilton

Roman and Saxon Burials at Steward Street, Tower Hamlets (1.3 MB)
Simon Cass and Steve Preston, with contributions by Ceri Falys, Matilda Holmes and Malcolm Lyne

Roman and Medieval Activity in the Upper Walbrook Valley: Excavations at 12—18 Moorgate, City of London, EC2, 1997 (664 KB)
Graham Bruce, Dominic Perring, Tim Stevens and Melissa Melikian

Potions, Powders and Ointments: A Post-Medieval Apothecary or Druggist Assemblage, and the Evolution of Coleman Street (1.6 MB)
Jon Sygrave, with contributions by Ian Betts, Lisa Gray, Lynne Keys, Jackie Keily, Jane Liddle, Terry Smith and Lucy Whittingham

The Development of London by King Alfred: A Reassessment (729 KB)
Jeremy Haslam

The Saxon and Medieval Pottery from Waxwell Lane, Pinner, Middlesex (681 KB)
Hugh Borrill

Two Sites within the Outer Precinct of the Medieval Priory of The Order of St John of Jerusalem (6.4 MB)
Ken Pitt with Richard Bluer, with contributions by Terence Paul Smith (building material), Lyn Blackmore (medieval and post-medieval pottery), and Geoff Egan (accessioned finds)

Archaeological Investigations at Area A, Enfield Town Centre (1.7 MB)
Chris Mayo and Peter Boyer

The Ruislip Church House (Almshouses), Middlesex: Results from a Watching-Brief (3 MB)
Colin Bowlt, with a historical contribution by Eileen M Bowlt

Ebenezer Church: Clay Pipe Manufacturer of Pentonville, London (7.7 MB)
Peter J Hammond

Manor Farm, Ruislip (6.4 MB)
Geraint Franklin

Papers Read at the LAMAS Local History Conference Held at the City of London School for Girls in November 2009: ‘Open-Air London: Pleasure, Parks and Protest’ (1.8 MB)

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