Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

Volume 10

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Report of the Excavations at Brockley Hill , Middlesex, August and September, 1947
K M Richardson pg 1

Royal Hatchments in City Churches
Mrs L B Ellis pg 24

Two Studies in the Hornsey Church Books
F W M Draper pg 41

Francis Robert Taylor
pg 49

Ernest William Heffer
pg 50

Stow Commemoration at St. Andrew Undershaft, London. Address
Dr. J F Nichols pg 51

The Garrick-Shakespeare Memorial
N G Brett-James pg 55

Notes and Queries
pg 59-88

Editorship of the Transactions
pg 89

pg 89

pg 90

Reports of the Society's Meetings
pg 101

Editorial pg 105

Commander G Bridgmore Brown
pg 108

Some Pilgrims' Badges in the Guildhall Museum
G W Lawrence pg 109

The West and the East: From Roman London to Roman India. A Lecture
Prof . R E M Wheeler pg 114

The Bells of Middlesex: I. The Churches in the County of Middlesex
J Armiger Trollope pg 118

The Bells of Middlesex: II. The Hornsey Bells
F W M Draper pg 120

The Bells of Middlesex: III. Whitechapel Bell Foundry
William Wheatley pg 122

A Mediaeval Bishop and his London Adventures
pg 125

Watling Street
Helen O'Neil pg 137

Westminster School Records
J B Whitmore pg 139

Two Middlesex Hundred Moots: I. The Gore "Moot Hedge"
Percy Davenport pg 145

Two Middlesex Hundred Moots: II. The Edmonton "Moot Plain"
F W M Draper pg 149

Finds on Two Sites by the Walbrook, 1940 and 1946
T H Gould pg 151

Garrick and Hendon. A Letter To Mr. Garrick
pg 155

Address Given at the Stow Service, 1949
N G Brett-James pg 157

Scratch Dials
The Right Rev. Abbot Horne pg 160

The Weald Stone
Percy Davenport pg165
Notes on Two Place-Names (Stamford Hill and Colney Hatch)
pg 171

The George Inn, Ruislip
H E Chiosso pg 172

Sulloniacae Excavations
pg 172

Notes and Queries—London Day by Day
N G Brett-James pg 175

The Society's Lectures and Meetings — The Exhibition
William Wheatley pg 180

Prize Essays: Senior—Brasses Of London
M W Norris pg 183

Prize Essays: Junior—What Claim has London to be called the Capital of the World?
C N Hawkes pg 186

Report on the South-Eastern Meeting
Miss D E Harvey pg 188

John Wilkes and Ludgate Circus. A Note
Ernest H Rann pg 189

pg 189

pg 191

New Members and Life-Members
pg 192

Purpose in Prehistory
Jacquetta Hawkes pg 193

S Applebaum pg 201

A Roman Tile-Kiln at Elstree, Hertfordshire
Helen O'Neil pg 229

Westminster Topography. I.
Lawrence Tanner pg 234

Tarleton Family Documents. I. Harefield Enclosure Agreement, ca. 1316 (Latin). 2. Harefield Furniture Inventory, 8 Nov., 1341 (Anglo-Norman)
William Le Hardy pg 244

Manorial Records in the Middlesex County Record Office
William Le Hardy and E Doris Mercer pg 252

The Council For British Archaeology
Norman Davey pg 260

Samuel Pepys
Dr. John F Nichols pg 262

The Brasses of Middlesex, I. Acton. 2. Ashford. 3. Bedfont
Dr. H K Cameron pg 267

John Stow
Prof. J E Neale pg 276

John Drokensford. I.
N G Brett-James pg 281

The Saxon Charter of Sunbury-on-Thames
Major W H Tapp and F W M Draper pg 302

Tin Coins found at Sunbury pg 307

A Stone Axe of Scandinavian Type from Enfield
L V Grinsell pg 308

The Bells Of Middlesex. 4. St. Paul's, Finchley. 5. Kingsbury. 6. All Hallows, Staining
F W M Draper pg 310

The School Essays
pg 315

John Wilkes and Ludgate Circus. A Note
Ernest H Rann pg 315

Memoir of the late Percy Davenport
N G Brett-James pg 316

pg 317

Foreign Journals, (I) Lund. Historiska Museum. F W M Draper. (2) Sovyetskaya Arkheologiya, 1948. Prof. V Gordon Childe
pg 322

pg 325