Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

First Series: Volume 2

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The House of Austin Friars
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 1

Appendix of Documents
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 20

Memoir of Sir Wolstan Dixie, Alderman
Thomas Brewer, Esq. pg 25

Notices of the Stationers' Company
J G Nichols, Esq. pg 37

Pictures at Stationers Hall
J G Nichols pg 51

Plate of the Stationers' Company
J G Nichols pg 54

Old Seal and Armorial Bearings
J G Nichols pg 58

Papers relating to Westminster Abbey—
The Library of Westminster Abbey
W H Hart, Esq. pg 81

On Ancient Bindings in the Library
J J Howard, Esq. pg 88

The Organ of Westminster Abbey
W H Hart, Esq. pg 92

On some Discoveries connected with the Ancient Treasury at Westminster
Joseph Burtt, Esq. pg 90

The Monuments in Westminster Abbey
Henry Mogford, Esq. pg 100

On the Order of the Bath
John Hunter, Esq. pg 105

The Jerusalem Chamber
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 107

Pictures in the Deanery at Westminster
J G Nichols, Esq. 167

Notes on Uxbridge and its former Inhabitants
W D Cooper, Esq. pg 113

Some of the more remarkable Vicars of Allhallows Barking,
Rev. J Maskell pg 125

Remarks on a Deed of Sir George Monoux

Lord Mayor of London in 1514
Rev. G H Dashwood pg 144

The last Ten Years of the Priory of S. Helen, Bishopsgate, with the Topography of the House.
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 169

Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 199

Heston Church
Alfred Heales, Esq. pg 204

Memorials of Persons interred in Allhallows Barking
Richard Corner Esq. pg 224

Henry de Yeveley, one of the Architects of Westminster Hall
J G Nichols, Esq. pg 259


Nineteenth General Meeting, Dec. 13,1859, in Crosby Hall

Letter of Oliver Cromwell to the Lord Mayor in 1653 pg 62

Letter of George Duke of Buckingham, written during the Burning of the Great Fire of London pg 63

Twentieth General Meeting, April 12, 1860, at theTemple, Bridewell Hospital, and Stationers' Hall pg 64

Pictures in the Middle Temple Hall
J G Nichols, Esq. pg 65

Parliament Chamber, Middle Temple
J G Nichols pg 66

Inner Temple Hall
J G Nichols pg 68

Picture of Edward the Sixth granting the palace of Bridewell to the Corporation of London
J G Nichols pg 70

Portraits in Bridewell Hospital
J G Nichols pg 72

Twenty-first General (Fifth Annual) Meeting, May 12, 1860, at the Society's Rooms:

Report of the Council and Auditor pg 74

Twenty-second General Meeting, Oct. 25, 1860, at Westminster Abbey pg 151

Twenty-third General (Sixth Annual) Meeting, May 9,1861, at the Society's Rooms :

Report of the Council pg 152

Twenty-fourth General Meeting, July 2, 1861, at the Church of Austin Friars, Merchant Taylors' Hall, Sion College, and the Artillery Ground pg 154

Twenty-fifth General Meeting, Aug. 23, 1861, at Uxbridge :
Local Tokens of Uxbridge pg 154

Extracts from Paper on Treaty of Uxbridge
Rev. C P Price pg 155

Antiquities of the Town
Mr. George Eves pg 155

Denham Church, and the Sepulchral Brass of Agnes Jordan the last Abbess of Syon pg 159

Twenty-sixth General Meeting, April 28, 1862, at Bakers' Hall ibid

Remarks on the Sepulchral Brasses in the Church of Allhallows Barking, and St. Olave, Hart Street
J G Waller, Esq. pg 160

Twenty-seventh General Meeting, March 10, 1863, at Ironmongers' Hall pg 267

Roman Coffins found at East Ham ibid.

Remarks on the Ornamentation of Roman Coffins with Escallop Shells
Henry C Coote, Esq. pg 268

Twenty-eighth General (Ninth Annual) Meeting, April 11, 1864, at the Society's Rooms pg 269

Report of the Council ibid.

Report of the Auditors pg 270

Twenty-ninth General Meeting, August 9, 1864, at Hayes, Harlington, Cranford, and Heston pg 273

1. Proceedings in the Court of Requests temp. Eliz. respecting Bells at Hillingdon pg 77
2. Ballads upon Hackney, Highgate, and Hampstead pg 79
3. Arms of Copwood, at Ancient House in Aldgate pg 79
4. Petition of Anthony Babington for pardon pg 80
Catalogue of the Library, Drawings, Prints, pg 274

THE VISITATION OF LONDON, by Cooke Clarenceux, 1568 :
Pedigree of Chester pg 2
Pedigree of Martyn pg 6
Pedigree of Champion pg 8
Pedigree of White pg 10