Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

Volume 2

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John Green Walker, F S A
Sir Edward Brabrook, C B, V P S A pg 1

Croppenbergh Family: An Enquiry
pg 8

London’s First Conduit System: A Topographical Study
A Morley Davies, B Sc., F G S pg 9

Note on Crosby Hall
pg 5

James George White, Deputy
Col. M B Pearson, C B pg 60

The Painter-Stainers’ Company: Its Hall, Pictures, and Plate
W Hayward Pitman, CC pg 62

Old Bridewell
The Rev. R S Mylne, M A, B C L, F S A pg 86

Descriptive Notes on a Wall-Painting representing “Jonah and the Whale”.
Charles Welch, G S A with Remarks by C E Keyser, M A, F S A, and J G Waller, F S A pg 111

The Stationers’ Company
C R Rivington, F S A pg 119

St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate
R Harvey Barton pg 137

Recent Discoveries in City Churches, and Notes on St. Michael, Bassishaw
Charles Welch, F S A pg 149

Discoveries at St. Michael, Bassishaw
F C Eeles pg 164

The Late Mr Wm Page Ivatts, A Memoir
Col. M B Pearson, C B pg 179

Durham House and the Adelphi
Henry B Wheatley, F S A pg 182

The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers
J Wrench Towse pg 195

St Bartholomew The Great: The Smithfield Gateway and the Cloister
E A Webb, F S A pg 211

St. Olave’s, Hart Street: All Hallows Staining; and the Ancient City Wall
Brian Corcoran pg 225

Sir John Cass and his School
Sidney J Farthing pg 246

A Dominican Priory of Yesterday and To-day
Rev. Bede Jarrett, B A pg 254

The Bastion of the Roman Wall at Newgate Street
Philip Norman, I L D, Treasurer S A pg 271

Recent Restorations and Discoveries at the Guildhall, London
Sidney Perks, F R I B A, F S A pg 277

Notes on the History of the Arnourers’ and Brasiers’ Company
E Jackson Barron, F S A pg 300

The Arms and Armour at Armourers’ Hall
Viscount Dillon, V P S A pg 320

The Remains of a Ship of the Roman Period discovered at Belvedere Road, Lambeth
C J T Dadd, F S I pg 325

On the Exact Site of the Globe Playhouse of Shakespeare
Geo. Hubbard, V P R I B A, F S A pg 334

The Name of “Chelsea”
Arthur Bonner pg 356

The Parish of St. Clement Danes: Churchwardens’ Accounts - XXI-XXII Elizabeth. Transcript and Note
Isabel I Greaves pg 367

Some Notes on Eltham History
R R C Gregory pg 383

William Camden and Camden Place
Arthur Bonner pg 398

The Ironmongers’ Almshouses at Kingsland Road
E H Nicholl and Colonel M B Pearson, C B pg 408

Antiquities of the Parish Church of Battersea
John Eyre pg 412

Bolingbroke House - A Statesman’s Home
S W Kershaw, M A, F S A pg 431

A Note on the Name “Battersea”
Arthur Bonner pg 434

The Parish of Rotherhithe
Colonel M B Pearson, C B pg 438

Spitalfields: Sire George Whele and his Chapel, St. Mary’s, Spital Square
W H Manchre pg 454

The Growth of Interest in Archaeology - Presidential Address
Sire Edward Brabrook, C B, Director S A pg 479

The History of Christ’s Hospital, London
William Lempriere, Deputy Clerk of Christ’s Hospital pg 495