Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society

First Series: Volume 1

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Proceedings of the Provisional Committee pg 1

Proceedings at the Inaugural Meeting, Dec. 14th, 1855 pg 3

Introductory Address
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 23

Recent Discoveries in Roman London
Charles Roach Smith, Esq. pg 31

A Memoir of Crosby Place
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 35

Notices of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate
Thomas Lott, Esq. pg 57

Monumental Brasses to Alianore Duchess of Gloucester, and to Joice Lady Tiptoft, and a Fragment to Johnde Valence
Rev. Charles Boutell pg 67

Recollections of Westminster
Henry Mogford, Esq. pg 113

Remarks on some London Relics
Sydney Smirke, Esq. pg 119

Grant of the Manor of Holborn, temp. Ric. II
James Crosby, Esq. pg 124

Inquis. p. m. Lond. temp. Ric. III. et Hen. VII
Sir Thomas Phillipps pg 129

Walks in the City. No. 1. Bishopsgate Ward
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 149

Middlesex in the time of the Domesday Survey
Edward Griffith, Esq. pg 175

Answer filed in Equity respecting the Park and Common at Hanworth, temp.
Charles II
J. G. Nichols, Esq. pg183

Stone Coffin and Roman Pottery found at Bow
B. H. Cowper, Esq. pg 192

Roman Remains near Newgate
J.G.Nichols, Esq. pg195

A Memoir of the Bell Tower in the Tower of London
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 211

The Lieutenants of the Tower of London
J. G. Nichols, Esq. pg 225

The Imperial State Crown
Professor Tennant pg 243

The "Liber Albus" and other Records of the Corporation
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 245

The Church of St. Mary Aldermary, Bow Lane
John Whichcord, Esq. pg 259

Sepulchral Brasses at Harrow
Alfred Heales, Esq.-pg269

The Brass of John Birkhede at Harrow
J G Nichols, Esq. pg 276

The Parish Registers of Harrow
W Durrant Cooper, Esq.-pg 285

Proceedings: First General Meeting, Dec. 14, 1855, in Crosby Hall
pg 132

Second General Meeting, Jan. 28, 1856, in Crosby Hall: Abstract of Chairman's Address
Lord Londesborough pg 132

Objects and Works of Art exhibited
pg 133

Third General Meeting, Feb. 26, 1856, in the French Gallery, Pall Mall:
Abstracts of Chairman's Address
A J B Hope, Esq. pg 135

Paper on Primaeval London and Middlesex
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 136

Monuments in Westminster Abbey
Rev. Charles Boutell pg 141

Chapter House, Westminster
George Gilbert Scott, Esq. pg 141

Objects and Works of Art exhibited
pg 143

Statement of Contributions to the Library and Museum
pg 145

Fourth General (First Annual) Meeting, July 27, 1856, at Canon Row and Westminster Abbey: Report of the Council
pg 196

Abstracts of Chairman's Address
Lord R Grosvenor pg 197

Lecture on Westminster Abbey
G G Scott, Esq. pg 198

Lecture on the Monuments
Rev. C Boutell pg 199

Evening Meeting
pg 199

Abstracts of Paper on Regal Heraldic Badges
Dr. Bell pg 199

The First Westminster Abbey
Rev. Thomas Hugo. pg 199

Fifth General Meeting, Feb. 18, 1857, in the Gallery of Architectural Exhibition, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East: Abstracts of Chairman's Address
Very Rev. Dean of Westminster pg 200

Objects and Works of Arts exhibited
pg 201

Sixth General Meeting, July 21, 1857, at the Tower of London: Abstracts of Chairman's Address
Rt. Hon. Lord de Ros pg 201

Paper on the Tower of London
Rev. Thomas Hugo 201

Seventh General Meeting, (Second Annual), July 23, 1857, at the House of the Society of Arts, Adelphi: Report of the Council
pg 203

Eighth General Meeting, October 5, 1857, at Hampton Court Palace: Abstract of Lecture on Hampton Court Palace
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 205

Ninth General Meeting, (Special) Nov. 27, 1857, at Freemasons' Tavern
pg 209

Tenth General Meeting, Feb. 10, 1858, at the Architectural Exhibition, Suffolk Street: Abstract of A Walk from Westminster to the Tower in the reign of Queen Elizabeth
William Tayler, Esq. pg 299

Objects and Works of Art exhibited
pg 308

Eleventh General Meeting, July 7, 1858, at Islington: Abstract of Chairman's Address
George Godwin, Esq. pg 308

Memoir of Sir Richard Whityngton
Mr. Deputy Lott pg 308

Mediaeval Pilgrimages and their Memorials
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 312

Objects and Works of Art exhibited
pg 313

Twelfth General (Third Annual) Meeting, July 15, 1858 at the Society of Arts: Report of the Council and Auditors
pg 313

Thirteenth General Meeting, Oct. 20, 1858, at Enfield: Abstract of papers—

The History of Enfield
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 318

Biography of Richard Gough, Esq., Director S.A
J.G. Nichols, Esq. pg 319

Fourteenth General Meeting, Feb. 9, 1859, at the Marylebone Institution: Abstracts of Papers—

On a supposed Roman Camp at Islington
Geo. Mackenzie Esq. pg 321

The Frauds of Antiquity Dealers
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 323

The Borough of Marylebone
William Tayler, Esq. pg 327

Objects and Works of Art exhibited
pg 331

Fifteenth General Meeting, April 13, 1859, commencing at Christ's Hospital, and proceeding to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, St. Giles's Cripplegate, Lambe's Chapel, and the Barber-Surgeons' Hall: Abstracts of Papers—

On Christ's Hospital
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 332

Portraits at Christ's Hospital
F. W. Fairholt, Esq. pg 336

The Priory of St. Bartholomew
Alfred White, Esq. 336

The City Wall
E. Woodthorpe, Esq. pg 338

Church of St. Giles Cripplegate
pg 339

The Ward Inquest and Ward Plate
pg 341

The Crypt of Lambe's Chapel
pg 345

Barber-Surgeons' Hall
F W Fairholt, Esq. pg 346

Sixteenth General (Fourth Annual) Meeting, May 5, 1859, at the Society of Arts:
Report of the Council and Auditors
pg 349

Seventeenth General Meeting, June 14, 1859, at Guildhall
pg 351

Report on the City Library and Museum
Mr. W H Overall pg 352

The Ancient Mace or Jewelled Sceptre
J G Nichols, Esq. pg 355

Sir James Shaw's assertion of Precedence
pg 357

The Chamberlain's Purse
pg 358

Lord Mayor's Plate Indenture, 1783
Richard Almack Esq. pg 360

Abstracts of Papers—
The Giants in Guildhall
F W Fairholt, Esq. pg 363

Church of St. Mary-le-Bow
Mr. Deputy Lott pg 364

Eighteenth General Meeting, Oct. 6, 1859, at Harrow. Abstracts of Papers—

The History of Harrow
Rev. Thomas Hugo pg 365

Archbishop Laud's Ivory Chalice
Rev. William Oxenham pg 369

Objects and Works of Art exhibited
pg 370

Additional Contributions to the Library and Museum
pg 372

Notes and Queries:
1. Carved Panels from an Ancient House in Aldgate pg 375
2. Pontefract in Middlesex pg 376
3. The Manor of Sudbury, in Harrow pg 377
4. Names of the Parish Churches of London pg 377
5. Church Bells pg 378
6. The Arms of John Wilkes, Alderman and Chamberlain of London pg 378

Index pg 380

List of Officers and Members of the Society.

Rules of the Society.