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Excavations at the former Jewsons Yard, Harefield Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex

A Barclay, A Boyle, P Bradley and M R Roberts

The site was evaluated in June 1993 and subsequently excavated from May to July 1994. A watching brief supplemented these phases of work. Evidence for activity ranging in date from the Mesolithic to post-medieval was present on the site. Mesolithic and Neolithic flint work was recovered from features of all dates. Evidence for Middle Bronze Age settlement activity included a ditch and the plans of at least two structures. A major Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age landscape boundary, comprising three parallel ditches and a revetment or fences aligned NW-SE, was uncovered. It may have been used as a droveway. A fourth ditch appears to have been added to the alignment in the Middle Iron Age. Small Romano-British pits which may have contained cremations were found. These had been inserted into the upper fills of the E ditch. Medieval material was recovered from the upper silts of one of the ditches and from cultivation soils across the site.

[Transactions 46 (1995), 1 – 25; abstract as published]

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