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Evidence for a surviving Humphry Repton landscape: Barnhills Park, Wembley

Leslie R Williams, Win Cunnington & Geoffrey Hewlett

Humphry Repton, the landscape architect, prepared one of his Red Books for Richard Page of Wembley Park in about 1791-2. This book is lost, but extracts and plates reproduced in some of Repton’s other literature make it possible for his plans for the estate to be reconstructed. Much of the Wembley Park landscape, as created by Repton, was removed in 1922-3 during construction of the British Empire Exhibition, which was held there in 1924-5.

Page also owned the adjacent Barn Hill (then known as Barnhills Park), to the north of Wembley Park. There is no direct reference to it in Repton’s surviving literature, but this paper presents evidence – both from documents and field survey of the woodland as it exists today – to suggest that this landscape also was the work of Repton.

[Transactions 36 (1985), pp 189 – 202; published abstract, modified]

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